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Legal Indemnity Insurance


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Insuristic is a digital first insurance broker. This means most of our products can be easily purchased online.

We make insurance less complicated and tailored to our client’s needs. Which gives you and them the confidence that the insurance should respond when its needed.

What’s more, there are no hidden costs. We don’t take big commission from our insurers, nor do we charge you fees.

This means we don’t charge to receive, change or cancel an insurance policy.

We are committed to transparency. We tell our clients what we earn up front in our terms of business agreement, which is provided with each quotation.

Insuristic has developed a broad range of products for the probate market which could save you and your clients time and money. Plus, we only work with A Rated insurance providers with a proven claims service. This will give you the peace of mind that comes with working with a probate insurance specialist.

If you work with Insuristic, we can also help you embed Insurance into your proposition:

• We can provide property and estate administration insurance for your clients; and
• For firms with an FCA exemption, we can provide you with the option to quote and issue policies in-house for some products.

Lastly, Insuristic has an affiliate program that pays commission on any introduced sales for the lifetime of the policy.

Products / Services on Offer 13

Probate House Insurance

Lay executors can arrange insurance for unoccupied property online in a few minutes, with cover from 3, 6, 9 or 12 months and three levels of cover to choose from. No fees charged to issue, change or cancel a policy.

Unoccupied Property Insurance

A quote and buy solution for unoccupied property (not in probate) such as when the owner of the property is in care. Insurance can be arranged for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months with no fees charged to issue, change or cancel a policy.

Executor Insurance: The Complete Guide

This guide will help executors understand their liabilities and how they can be protected with insurance. The guide links to our product pages for further information and if a quote is required.

Early Distribution Insurance

Early Distribution Insurance provides insurance protection if the estate is distributed prior to the end of the statutory 6 month period. The policy protects the executors, personal representatives and beneficiaries

Section 27 Indemnity Insurance

Enables the estate to be distributed with protection against claims made against the estate from creditors. Insure with or without a Section 27 notice. Give beneficiaries the peace of mind they won't need to repay future claims from creditors.

Missing Beneficiary Insurance

Allows the estate to be distributed without any future liability if a missing beneficiary comes forward to claim against the estate. Offers protection for the personal liability of the executor, personal representatives and beneficiaries.

Missing Will Insurance

Allows the estate to be distributed without any future liability if a newer will is found. Offers protection for the personal liability of the executor, personal representatives and beneficiaries should that happen.

Probate Pro

Law Firms can quote and issue unoccupied probate property insurance in less than 2 minutes.

Land Insurance

A landowner has a duty of care to protect visitors from injury whilst on their land, legally or otherwise. Land Insurance can protect the insured (this can be the estate if in probate) from claims made by third parties.

Insuristic Estate Finance

Insuristic Estate Finance is a New Deferred Finance Solution for The Estate Administration Market.

Insuristic Estate Protect

Law firms can arrange Missing Will, Missing Beneficiary, Early Distribution and Section 27 Insurance in seconds.

Probate Insurance

Insuristic provides insurance for property and land in probate. It also provides a range of legal indemnity insurance solutions to protect the personal liabilities of executors and personal representatives.

Finance for Probate Insurance

If the estate is cash poor, executors can arrange finance to cover their probate insurance costs.

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