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Best is the Best. Full Stop.

The Best Foundation is a membership body for estate planning professionals. We aim to improve the sector by accepting only the best as our members.

Best came from the idea that we are the British Estates Succession and Trust Practitioners – the ‘BEST.’

In our online directory, we host certified, forward-thinking estate planning practitioners and firms so that you can rest assured if you use a Best member, your future is in the best hands.

About Best Foundation

Why use a Best Foundation member?

Peace of Mind

All members must comply with the high standards of our Code of Conduct including providing full details of fees and an explanation of products before proceeding to prepare any documentation.

Client Guarantee

All members are accountable to the Best foundation as per the Best client guarantee. Any dissatisfied clients have the option to contact the Best foundation if issues cannot be resolved by the member.


All members must continually invest in ongoing training and meet outcomes set by the Foundation in an effort to provide the Best advice. This takes into account the latest legislation and maintenance of secure data.

Customer Experience

Our members are committed to providing the best client experience by using the latest technology and software to make the process of taking your instructions and preparing your documents as quickly and simply as possible.

Qualified Professionals

All applicant members must demonstrate that they have the appropriate qualifications and experience. They must have Professional Indemnity Insurance in respect of all the services and products they offer.

It’s easy!

Enter your location and the service you are looking for, and be connected with a Best Foundation member near you in a couple of simple clicks!

We Aim to Revolutionise Estate Planning

If you are a professional working in the estate planning sector and you thrive on innovation, superior working practices and client satisfaction, join the Best Foundation.

Best is more than just a badge. We are a forward-thinking, non-profit, professional membership body that goes over and above when it comes to supporting and representing our members.

Join the Revolution