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Sail Homes work with partners and clients to provide a ‘Property Report’ giving the estate options, so that they can make an informed choice when a property is left within an estate. 

Some agents see the property that is  inherited as bricks and mortar.

But when you walk through the front door you hear the echo of laughter from the rooms that were the heart of your home for a generation. This isn’t a house; this was a family home.

What you need is someone who understands how difficult this is for you. So we take it off your hands and do it for you. All of it.

Probate, surveys, renovation work and selling it. Everything! All using the experience of selling thousands of inherited properties over fifteen years. We even cover the full cost of the renovation until the house is sold.

Bottom line? We aim for money in the bank for the beneficiaries of the estate, in just a few months, without you having to do anything.

We help bereaved families and beneficiaries to achieve the highest price from the sale of their inherited property. Call me on 07740682186 for a confidential chat about selling your home.

  • We provide a HMRC compliant report with comparisons
  • We do title checks upfront
  • We offer a unique renovation option if the property is suitable 

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