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A word from our chair Trevor Worth as we approach the end of a very exciting first year for us at the B.E.S.T. Foundation

“Here we are at the end of a very testing year for so many people and for so many reasons.

With the war in Ukraine, the cost of living crisis, the loss of our magnificent Queen Elizabeth II, three Prime Ministers and a stock market crash, inflation in double digits for the first time in years, mortgage rates shooting up and the pound sinking to it’s lowest level since I was a Business Studies student back in 1985…

There are certainly tough times ahead as we speed towards Christmas but as a far better man than me once said “tough times make tough people” and more than ever, the qualities of resilience and innovation are needed to stay strong and solvent in businesses of all shapes and sizes.

None of us are in business because it is easy. 

I believe there are some very special individuals and firms in our estate planning sector that make a huge difference in the lives of their clients, their communities and their own colleagues and long may that continue.

At B.E.S.T. we have had to endure the odd criticism from within the sector because of our creation but we certainly have broad shoulders. We are here to help our members drive their businesses forward in an innovative way and for us all to share in good business practice and successful marketing initiatives. We are also here to “shake the tree” as I often discuss, because the estate planning sector has been too grey and dull and reactive for decades. 

Let us all together do something different and help more families and business secure their own futures by using our members. We will continue to ask the difficult questions that no one else in the sector bothered to do in the past year. Evidenced by our pre-paid probate campaign and most importantly, questioning the OPG which has resulted in positive actions being taken by them and we also secured front page coverage in the Daily Telegraph due to our campaign. We are serious about being the disruptive force for good in the interests of our members, our clients and the sector itself and we are so appreciative of your joining this journey.

2023 is going to be a challenging year for so many reasons but let us all keep pushing on in a positive way and be there to help each other and to share ideas.

I know we have some incredibly exciting partnerships and opportunities coming up in the New Year for our members and our first ever National Conference which will be more focussed, as I promised at our launch, on entrepreneurship, development and business growth. A winning mentality from our presenters that will help you grow and held at a world class venue.

In order to have influence, you need a platform. The B.E.S.T. Foundation is the platform for all of us to have that influence and to drive higher standards for the sector in the best interests of our clients and our businesses.

Thank you for being part of our B.E.S.T. Foundation and to everyone that has helped us along the way this year including the incredible colleagues we have on the Advisory Panel, thank you.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.”


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