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At the Best foundation we care just as much about you, the public, as we do about our members.

Our aim is to improve the estate planning industry by accepting only the Best estate planning professionals as our members and promoting them to the general public so that you can be assured you are instructing an ethical, reliable and suitably qualified estate planning professional.

We are so confident in our members that we offer an iron-clad client guarantee covering you in the unlikely event that things go wrong.

Advising in this area requires a depth of knowledge across many areas, and this is why our members come from a diverse range of specialisms.

Members of Best strive to provide estate planning solutions taking into account individual circumstances and will be able to offer you much more than a basic Will.

Our mission is to support our members and their work so that in turn they can provide the best possible advice and experience for their clients.

Remember, the Best Foundation C.A.R.E.S

C – Code of Conduct

All members must comply with the high standards of our Code of Conduct including providing full details of fees and an explanation of products before proceeding to prepare any documentation.

A – Accountable

All members are accountable to the Best foundation as per the Best client guarantee. Any dissatisfied clients have the option to contact the Best foundation if issues cannot be resolved by the member.

R – Reassurance

All applicant members must demonstrate that they have the appropriate qualifications and experience. They must have Professional Indemnity Insurance in respect of all the services and products they offer.

E – Experience

Our members are committed to providing the best client experience by using the latest technology and software to make the process of taking your instructions and preparing your documents as quickly and simply as possible.

S – Security

All members must continually invest in ongoing training and meet outcomes set by the Foundation in an effort to provide the Best advice. This takes into account the latest legislation and maintenance of secure data.