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We are so confident in our members that in the unlikely event you find that you are dissatisfied with the service provided you can contact the Best foundation

We will guarantee that*:

  1. Arbitration services will be provided free of charge should the Best Foundation deem this to be beneficial.
  2. Should any Best member be unable to complete a client’s order for any reason including death or bankruptcy then the Best Foundation will guarantee that another Best member will complete the work for no additional charge to the client.
  3. Should any work completed by a Best Foundation member need rectifying following a judgement from the Best Foundation panel then the Foundation will guarantee that the unfinished work is completed by another Best Foundation member.
  4. Should it be deemed by the Best Foundation panel that a refund is appropriate then the Best Foundation will provide the refund if the Best member is unwilling or unable to refund the client themselves.

(*All clients must firstly follow the complaints procedure of the Best member so that the member has the opportunity to rectify the issues.)

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