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In order to provide Best advice to clients and act in accordance with the highest professional standards, continued learning is a fundamental principle of the Best Foundation.

Members should complete a minimum 10 hours of structured learning activities in every 12-month period. Structured learning activities may include seminars, lectures, conferences, workshops or courses, both remote and face to face.

E-learning is also acceptable providing it requires a contribution of 30 minutes or more.

Research, reading industry material and participating in mentoring sessions is not acceptable as structured learning.

All continuous learning should be relevant to the member’s profession and the member must ensure a record of their learning is kept for inspection should the Best foundation request a copy.

The continuous learning record should detail:

  • The date of attendance
  • The name/title/subject heading of the learning
  • The method of learning, for example face to face workshop or online seminar.
  • The institution or company who provided the training
  • The learning outcome
  • The length of learning, for example 2 hours.

Continuous learning should not be about an attendance certificate. We expect our members to have gained or developed new skills or knowledge from their continuous learning. We would encourage our members to assess their weaker areas of knowledge and aim to improve those areas through their continuous learning.

Should any member be unable to meet their continuous learning requirements they should discuss this with the Best foundation.

An example of a continuous learning record is provided further below.

Date of attendanceLearning titleMethod of learningProviderOutcomeTime spent
01/03/2021LPA’s, Deputyships and financial assessments and  challengesRemote course completed via ZoomCTT GroupAdvanced knowledge on how to deal with clients who require LPA’s, and in what situations a deputyship would be needed. Increased understanding of what needs to be done when a client enters care and the challenges they may face.2 hours