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We have teamed up with Cater Allen Private Bank who offer our members specialist banking services via the BEST Foundation intermediary relationship. We will liaise with them on your behalf to set up current and savings bank accounts for your clients, including trusts.

Who are Cater Allen

Cater Allen is experienced in providing specialist solutions with tailored accounts which can be used by Executors or Personal Representatives appointed to administer the estate of a person who has passed away. They also have longstanding experience of working with and understanding the requirements of Trusts and their Trustees.

With a history dating back to 1816 Cater Allen are a wholly owned subsidiary of Santander UK plc and enjoy the benefits of their shared strength and security.

Current bank accounts

Executors – Simple and straightforward to set up, with online access available for all named executors, Cater Allen current accounts are here to help you separate and manage all funds relating to an estate.

  • Private Bank Account for specialist banking – A personal current account for Executors, Personal Representatives and Attorneys. Offering full banking facilities with no month or annual fees and unlimited free day-to-day transactions each month.

Opened within 21 working days upon receipt of a fully completed application form and supporting documents.

Trusts – A current account enabling trustees to manage funds held in trust on behalf of their clients

  • Reserve Account for Trusts – The Reserve Account for Trusts offers full banking facilities, including online banking and allows up to 30 day-to-day debit transactions per month without incurring a transaction fee, with no minimum balance and no annual or monthly account fees.

Opened within 21 working days upon receipt of a fully completed application form and supporting documents

Savings accounts

  • Notice 35 Account – A savings account, paying an enhanced rate of interest where immediate access to funds is not required. Clients to make an unlimited number of withdrawals free of charge, providing they’re able to give the 35-day notice required. 
  •  Fixed Term Deposit Account – A fixed term savings account with a guaranteed rate of interest for the full term of the account.

These accounts are subject to status, availability and may be withdrawn from sale at any time without notice.

Please note, Cater Allen Private Bank trust current and savings accounts are currently only available to members via BEST Foundation or a registered Cater Allen financial intermediary.

All Cater Allen current accounts are subject to status.

Banking with Cater Allen

Your clients can access their Cater Allen accounts through Internet Banking and can find more information about support on their website. Cater Allen can also provide professional and informed support through their dedicated, UK-based client contact centre.

Next steps

For more information regarding our Executor and Trust solutions and services please visit the specialist banking area of the Cater Allen website and, when you are ready to open a new Cater Allen account for your client, please contact us at [ Please enable JavaScript in your browser to reveal this email address ]