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Empowering Excellence in Estate Planning.

Our mission is to foster collaboration, innovation and ethical practices among industry professionals. We strive to elevate client experiences, promote financial security and create lasting legacies. 

Our Advisory Board mirrors the diversity of our members, encompassing a range of industry professionals, including, but not limited to, will-writers/estate planners, practising solicitors, probate practitioners, tech champions, financial advisers and innovators.


The BEST Foundation aspires to raise the standards across the industry by insisting on best practice and setting a bar for member entry.


The BEST Foundation aims to grow the largest community consisting of the best professionals in the estate planning industry. We will support our members in any way that we can, whilst campaigning for changes that benefit professionals and clients alike.


The BEST Foundation vows to educate the public on all aspects of estate planning and bring in the younger generation to the sector by raising awareness of the rewarding careers it has to offer.