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The current economic climate is harsh, to say the least, due to the cost of living crisis. It is having a huge, detrimental impact on both individuals and businesses.

That’s why we have kept our membership costs low and our benefits high.

As our Advisory Board Member, Trevor Worth, put it: ‘We aren’t going to be an organisation that takes membership fees and then sits back and takes them again next year.’

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is incredibly competitive. For example, individual membership costs around £120 whereas other organisations charge as much as £325 – more than double the price!

Corporate membership didn’t exist before the Best Foundation, but we embrace all businesses whether they have two or two hundred staff members. There is an economy of scale applied to corporate members so that membership costs go down the more estate planners you register.

So, if you and your staff are currently paying high fees for membership with another organisation, swapping to the Best Foundation could save you hundreds of pounds a year.

How do we spend your fees?

It’s important you know what we don’t spend your money on.

  1. We don’t pay for printing and postage.
    The first way we keep membership fees down is by running on low administration costs. We make no apologies for our digital processes and for not sending applications out in the post. Instead, we make the best use of technology so that such processes are quicker and have minimal costs.
  2. We don’t pay for an office or headquarters.
    As an entirely paperless and digital organisation, we run without needing a headquarters. Therefore, your fees aren’t covering office rental or heating bills.
  3. We don’t pay our Advisory Board Members.
    This is a voluntary position. Our Advisory Board Members do what they do because they believe in Best’s mission and want to drive genuine change in our sector.

The Best Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, meaning all membership payments feed back into marketing. Our mission is to help you grow your business, promote the estate planning sector and educate the public on the importance of what we do. These are the things your fees fund. It’s as simple as that.

We understand that the cost of living crisis means purse strings are tightening, so professional membership might be low on your business’ priority list. But we hope that competitive pricing, alongside our member benefits, will help.

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