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  1. This competition is open for will writers and estate planners only.
  2. Competition entrants must be Best Foundation members. You must at least have a membership application submitted by the competition deadline. The competition winner must have fully completed their application process, including membership payment, before the website can be created.
  3. Competition entrants must be following the Best Foundation on LinkedIn.
  4. Entrants can submit one competition form only. Only one entry per business will be permitted.
  5. The deadline for entries is  31st October 2022.
  6. One winner will be randomly selected and announced.
  7. The competition winner will receive a templated Website, which includes:
    • Up to 10 website pages
    • Up to 5 stock images (up the the value of £100)
    • Proof-reading of your supplied content
    • Creative website population
    • Access to WordPress Content Management System (CMS) upon completion for content editing
    • Secure UK hosting (yearly subscription at £300 + VAT per year with year 1 included)
    • Domain Name (up to the value of £20)
    • Domain setup (yearly subscription at £20 + VAT per year with year 1 included)
    • Homepage template without slider video integration
    • Services template section with pre-written content
    • Testimonials page template
    • Contact page template
    • Page templates for Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, T&Cs, Complaints with pre-written content
  8. From year 2 onwards, the winner will be required to pay for annual hosting and maintenance.
  9. Content and Imagery for the website must be supplied.
  10. By entering the competition, you agree that if you win, the completed website and branding will be featured in the Best Foundation’s marketing channels, such as on social media and on the Best Foundation website.