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Trevor Worth has a vast amount of experience in the legal sphere. With over 34 years’ experience of running his own legal services practice, Portcullis Legal, he is a force to be reckoned with.

In addition to his many years of experience, he holds a Master’s (MBA) from the University of Exeter and is qualified to the worldwide gold standard for Trust and Estate Practitioners with full STEP qualifications.

Trevor’s central belief is that business should be enjoyable and stimulating, whatever sector you are engaged in. If it doesn’t make you want to get out of bed every morning, he believes it is probably not for you; and you should find the passion that provides you with that spark.

Innovate, Educate, Appreciate

His enthusiasm for law extends outside his legal practice, where he continues to guest lecture and mentor both undergraduates and postgraduates on innovation and entrepreneurship at several universities. Furthermore, he sits on the Advisory Board of the University of Essex Business School and Marjon University; and serves on the Advisory Panel of the Legal Services Board.

Trevor believes one of the best ways to improve business is to invest in it, and this is what he has done for many start-ups. He strives to help a younger generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders achieve their aims with sustainability and creativity at the forefront of their thinking.

In addition to mentoring students and investing in young entrepreneurs, Trevor actively supports local causes and charities in the community. One such example was Total Soccer Coaching Academy UK, which ran for almost 14 years, where he created and co-ordinated football coaching academies for young players in partnership with Umbro.

A firm believer in employee welfare and happiness, in January 2019, Trevor introduced the ‘4 Day Week’ to Portcullis whilst increasing his employees’ salaries simultaneously. As a result, Trevor became a pioneer of the ‘4 Day Week’. He deems employee satisfaction as one of the most important factors for retaining staff.

Improving the Industry

Trevor is currently focusing on improving access to legal services that are innovative and completely client focused, specialising in Inheritance and Succession Planning, bringing the expertise needed to protect clients and their families. As a legal innovator, he provides consultancy services to numerous law and financial services firms, advising them through the twist and turns of the legal world.

Whilst pursuing his current endeavours, he is also investing in and developing various new business models in the legal, education and sustainability sectors. He is presently collaborating with several educational institutions, NGO’s and charitable organisations.

For Trevor, it is ultimately about doing the right thing; with the highest standards of ethics whilst continuously furthering his professional development. These beliefs anchor every aspect of his practice and morality, and he believes the BEST Foundation is a representation of these values also.

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