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Enhancing Awareness and Use of Lasting Powers of Attorney with the Office of the Public Guardian

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) has recently introduced new guidance on GOV.UK aimed at enhancing the understanding and usage of lasting powers of attorney (LPA). This initiative is designed to improve awareness about how LPAs can be utilized and to promote the adoption of digital services for viewing LPA information. The guidance is particularly relevant for organizations that need to verify LPAs and for donors and attorneys managing these documents.

Using the View an LPA Service

The “View an LPA” service allows companies and organizations to verify the validity of an LPA, identify the attorneys involved, and access a summary of the LPA. This service is essential for ensuring customer safety and facilitating trust. Organizations can access the “View an LPA” service here.

Guidance for Donors and Attorneys

To assist donors and attorneys in enabling companies to view an online version of their LPA, instead of relying on the registered paper version, new guidelines have been provided. These updates, effective from January 1, 2023, allow all LPAs issued from January 1, 2016, onwards to be viewed online. This includes any instructions and preferences specified by the donor.

Educational YouTube Videos

For further assistance, the following YouTube videos are available:

  • Codes and Reference Numbers for Your LPA: Watch here
  • Lasting Power of Attorney – Where to Start (Full Playlist): Watch here
  • Remissions and Exemptions: Watch here

These resources provide valuable information on managing LPAs and navigating the new online systems.

Staying Updated

To stay informed about the latest updates and insights from the Office of the Public Guardian, you can follow various channels:

  • Office of the Public Guardian Blog: This blog offers insights and updates relevant to partners in the finance sector, legal professionals, the third sector, and those working in health and care professions.
  • Social Media: Follow the Office of the Public Guardian on X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, and LinkedIn for real-time updates and information.

By leveraging these resources, organizations, donors, and attorneys can effectively manage LPAs and benefit from the enhanced digital services now available.

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