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Starting her career in family law, Charlotte has gone from strength to strength and is now the Legal Director for CTT Group. She holds responsibility for ensuring that the Processing and Administration Teams are running smoothly and is also an integral part of managing day-to-day operations across the business.

Charlotte became a fully qualified Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) in 2017 following completion of the STEP Diploma in Advising Vulnerable Clients; she now uses her experiences and knowledge to present and advise at industry events such as the Law Society’s Elderly Client Conference. She also attends meetings with key stakeholders in the legal sector, such as the Law Commission and the Law & Justice Edition of the Parliamentary Review, where CTT were invited to appear.

Demand for Digital

Charlotte is also an advocate of digital transformation, championing the use of technology to streamline processes across the industry. She is a member of the Industry Working Group (IWG) established by the Ministry of Justice, focusing on the Electronic Execution of Documents. A 3-year appointment, examining how to increase confidence and reliance on the electronic execution of documents across law and industry.

Whilst being active in the law community Charlotte also extends her expertise outside of that domain. In December 2019, she was appointed a Trustee for Age UK Coventry & Warwickshire to help shape and guide the future development and strategy of the charity. Her contributions, guidance and vast knowledge meant that in April 2021, she was appointed as the Vice-Chair of the charity Board.

Paving the Path

Charlotte is passionate about encouraging others to follow careers in Private Client, Legal Technology and Legal Project Management. She is always enthusiastic when participating in events at local secondary schools and universities, knowing that the students she will be talking to will be responsible for paving the way to the future. She recently took part in the launch of Coventry University’s first ‘Legal Futures’ Conference as a panel member, helping future lawyers understand what law careers they could follow and encouraging them to expand their avenues from the stereotypical solicitor route.

Charlotte’s experience in family law frequently exposed her to many divorce cases involving high asset losses, which sparked her interest in how such costly situations could be avoided. This aligns with her interest with the BEST Foundation, which aims to educate the public about writing a will and the implications if one is not in place, such as losses for your significant other or children.

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