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Corin’s successful journey started when he studied at the University of Akron, Ohio. In the last ten years, he worked in the financial, legal and real estate industry, developing business planning, management, and business development skills. His career has allowed him to gain specialist knowledge in estate planning, providing regulated services and how trust corporations operate. Whilst learning all of this, he completed his Level 4 DipFa in Financial planning.

He is now at Sail Group, one of the UK’s leading Probate Property specialists. He started there as their Head of Sales and Operations and has progressed to Group Development Director, where he uses his relationship management abilities to grow the business. At Sail Group, he also helps guide the company’s goal of streamlining the consumer journey concerning property and probate. Furthermore, he ensures Sail Homes provides all options to the customer to make an informed choice.

Corin has a passion for networking, and this shows through his LinkedIn where he blogs about the latest happenings in the Estate Planning and financial industry. Whilst Corin has a rich history of business development, he actively extends his industry circle. He believes that knowledge shared creates a greater understanding for all those involved in the profession.

He enjoys nothing more than finding out what someone does, whether professional or informal. He believes that to be truly successful, you need to become acquainted with the people you are talking to and have a genuine curiosity about their interests. Subsequently, understanding your client means that you truly understand their problems and can find the solution to their issues swiftly.

Helping the community is at the forefront of Corin’s goals. He has given his knowledge and guidance to the charity sector. He was a trustee of the charity Annabel’s Angels, raising funds and increasing awareness and support for families living with cancer in the Derbyshire area.

Corin’s extensive expertise in the financial and legal sector will be an asset to the BEST Foundation, where he hopes that his advice and counsel will benefit further professionals. In addition, he has faith that the BEST Foundation will reach the attention of the public and will encourage them to make a Will ensuring that their family does not suffer the repercussions and implications of what could happen if a Will is not in place

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