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Many people start careers in will writing and estate planning in an entrepreneurial way. And it’s true that being your own boss certainly has its perks and appeal!

However, working as an individual advisor can feel lonely at times. You don’t have anyone who understands industry issues to vent to, and you might miss having someone else to bounce ideas off when advising a client with complicated needs.

This is the impetus behind the Best Foundation. Being a part of something bigger has great benefits for your business, for you personally and for the sector at large.

For You

Working independently can take its toll. The Mental Health Foundation released a report in 2019 where 25% of self-employed people and 44% of small business owners said that running their businesses negatively impacted their mental or physical health.

The adage ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ has truth to it! Small stresses during the working day (a complex case, slow legal processes outside of your control) can build up over time and negatively impact your mental health.

The Best Foundation exists to provide support to all our members, especially independent ones. We’re here to advise on those tough client cases when you need it. Sometimes just reassurance that you’re on the right path can make a big difference to your confidence and make a day less stressful.

Plus, through the foundation, you have access to a network of peers who understand the challenges you face daily.

For Your Business

The dynamics of putting together the best solutions for clients are extensive. The areas involved are becoming more specialised and more complex over time, and often more than a will is needed. One person alone might not be able to do it all.

Now, whilst continuous learning is a key requirement of Best, this need to develop ourselves is not simply to know all of the answers always; it’s about being able to recognise a problem and knowing where to go to solve it. Being part of a wider body like the Best Foundation gives you that combined support to get the best solution for your clients.

With access to professional advice when you need it, the quality of your client services will only improve.

For the Sector

Finally, there is great power in like-minded professionals and organisations linking up.

Thinking back to the industry issues that might be plaguing you – together, we can do much more to tackle them. For example, the OPG has been very open to engaging with the Best Foundation about the difficulties many of you are facing when trying to register LPAs (find out more about our discussion with the OPG here).

Going to such organisations as an individual practitioner who’s not putting a massive volume of work through their systems is less attractive to them. They’re more open to working with a larger group, such as the Best Foundation, as they recognise that making change through more significant numbers is hugely beneficial and time-saving.

Another way you can impact the sector is through our upcoming mentorship scheme. Some people might wonder, why would I help a potential future competitor? Such a view stifles the sector as a whole. By giving back and nurturing new estate planners, you help to grow the industry.

At the Best Foundation, we firmly believe in the power of connecting with like-minded individuals and organisations. Supporting each other, raising profiles and driving business for all within our industry is fundamental to our ethos.

To find out more about Best’s mission, benefits, and the work we are doing to drive industry change, join us for our webinar on the 24th of August 2022. (You can register for the webinar here.)

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